Circular No. Subject (Issued during the year 2013) Details
01/13 Schedule of meetings in the year 2013 More Details..
02/13 Two days All India strike call by Joint National Convention of Trade Unions comprising of BMS, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, IUTUC, TUCC, UTUC, AICCTU and other orgasisation. More Details..
03/13 Venue of meeting at Ahmedabad More Details..
05/13 Bullet-point in support of the demands of Pensioners More Details.. More Details..
06/13 Latest position of membership and different facilities prevalent in different Banks More Details..
07/13 AIBPARC unleashes strong campaign in favour of the demands of pensioners More Details.. More Details..
08/13 Amended venue of the 1st Meeting of AIBPARC To be held on 17th March, 2013 in Ahmedabad. More Details..
09/13 Amendment to RBI Pension Regulation, 1990 with prior sanction of Govt. of India More Details..
10/13 Comrade S.R.Sengupta felicitated by RBEA in presence of Nobel laureate Dr. Amartya Sen More Details..
11/13 Decisions taken at the meeting of managing committee held at Ahmedabad More Details.. More Details..
12/13 Letter written to IBA demanding improvised family pension in line with RBI More Details..
13/13 Venue of the meeting held in Bengaluru on 7th July 2013 More Details..
14/13 100% D-A Neutralisation to pre – 1/11/2002 Retirees More Details..
15/13 Initiation of disciplinary measures against officers on the eve of or after super annuation More Details..
16/13 Change of residential address of COM. S.R. Sengupta. More Details..
17/13 Subscription payable to AIBPARC for the year ending 31/12/2013 More Details..
18/13 Grievances of the pensioners More Details..
19/13 Proceedings of Bengaluru meeting held on 7th July 2013 More Details..
20/13 Notice of the yearly meeting of the governing council to be held in Kokata on 24th November 2013 More Details..
21/13 For circulation among General Secretaries of all AIBOC-affiliated officers organisations containing an appeal from AIBPARC for all help and cooperation to make the programme of 20th September, 2013 an astounding success. More Details..
22/13 Massive Dharna on 20th September, 2013 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi Organized by All India Bank Pensioners & Retirees Confederation. More Details..
23/13 (i) Opening of Website, (ii) Preparation for Dharna, (iii) Formation of State Committees. More Details..
24/13 Withholding of retirement benefits of Employees/Officers pending enquiry declared unlawful by Supreme Court in the case of State of Jharkhand Vs. Jitendra Kumar Srivastava. More Details..
25/13 Formation of West Bengal State Committee. More Details..
26/13 Press Release made by All India Bank Pensioners & Retirees Confederation (AIBPARC) on 19th September, 2013 in New Delhi to various Print and Electronic media for coverage of the ‘Dharna’ at Jantar Mantar on 20th September, 2013 to focus the following issues. More Details..
27/13 20th September, 2013 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, will remain a landmark event in the history of Pensioners and Retirees movement in the Banking Sector of India. More Details..
28/13 Discussion at Government level. More Details..
29/13 Formation of West Bengal State Committee of AIBPARC. More Details..
30/13 Organisational activities of AIBPARC in Hyderabad. More Details..


More Details..
32/13 Revised Date of Bank Strike – 18th December, 2013. More Details..
33/13 2nd option of pension to Resignees in Banking Industry. More Details..
34/13 Notice of the First Meeting of the Managing Committee (Extended) for 2014 More Details..
35/13 An eventful year (2013) passes by - Welcome 2014 with New hopes and aspirations – larger mobilization of Retirees needed in view of the tough struggle ahead. More Details..
36/13 Updation of information at year-end on various issues. More Details..
1/14 Partial Relief to pre-1986 Retirees. More Details..
2/14 Negotiation on Charter of Demands. More Details..
3/14 1st Conference of AIBPARC, Kerala State Unit, held at Kollam on 11th January, 2014 in the midst of tremendous enthusiasm and participative involvement. More Details..
4/14 Our meeting with you on 1st October, 2013 and subsequent developments. More Details..
5/14 Talks on Wage-Revision fail - UFBU calls for 2 days Strike on 10th & 11th February, 2014 - Retirees urged upon to ensure massive participation. More Details..
6/14 Supreme Court order on VRS-optees. More Details..
7/14 Pune throbs with hectic organisational activities of AIBPARC on 1st & 2nd March, 2014 AIBPARC to organize Dharna before IBA Office at Mumbai. More Details..
8/14 Latest position of Wage Revision Talks & AIBOC’s spirited opposition to the recent assertions of Union Finance Minister. More Details..
9/14 Latest position of negotiation with IBA on matters relating to Pensioners – temporary deferment of the programme of Dharna before IBA – call to clear subscriptions for the year ending 2014. More Details..
11/14 Co-ordination with various organisations of retirees and pensioners Of the Banking Industry. More Details..
13/14 Change of address of the office of the General Secretary, AIBPARC More Details..
14/14 It has already been notified by our earlier circulars that the 2nd meeting of the Managing Committee (extended) for the year 2014 will be held at Thiruvanantapuram on 27th July, 2014 (Sunday) at the undernoted venue More Details..
15/14 Thiruvananthapuram throbs with hectic organisational activities on 26th & 27th July, 2014. More Details..
16/14 For circulation among all the members of the Managing Committee as well as the Governing Council of AIBPARC and also Special Invitees More Details..
17/14 For circulation among all the members of the Managing Committee as well as the Governing Council of AIBPARC and also Special Invitees More Details..
18/14 The State Convention of All India Bank Pensioners and Retirees Confederation, T.N. State Unit, was held at Chennai on 6th September, 2014 at Balamandir German Hall. The convention was presided over by Com. S.B.C. Karunakara, President, T.N. State Unit and attended by nearly 500 retires from different parts of the State. More Details..
21/14 XIth Annual Conference of ARISE takes place in Chennai in the midst of grandeur and massive participation of members, well wishers and associates on 7th September, 2014. More Details..
22/14 Talks with IBA on Wage-Revision. More Details..
25/14 All India Punjab National Bank Pensioners & Retirees Association (AIPNBPRA) holds its 1st Triennial Conference at Jabalpur on 12th October, 2014 in the midst of Grandeur More Details..
26/14 (i) AIBPARC gears up organisational activities in Kolkata on 8th & 9th November, 2014.

(ii) AIBPARC decides to intensify demonstrative actions to focus the aspiration of Retirees.

(iii) Latest position of Reconciliation talks on Bipartite Settlement.
More Details..
27/14 All out preparation needed for making the Dharna of 6th February, 2015 a total success. More Details..
28/14 United Bank Retired Officers’ Association (UBROA), holds its 6th Triennial Conference in Kolkata on 15th November, 2014 in the midst of tremendous enthusiasm. More Details..
29/14 State Committee of AIBPARC, Odisha Unit, formed in the midst of tremendous enthusiasm on 16th November, 2014 at Bhubaneswar. More Details..
30/14 Please refer to our earlier circular No. 26/14 dated November 10, 2014 where we have announced that Dharna Programme will be organised by AIBPARC at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 6th February, 2015 and affiliates were requested to take all out efforts to double the number of participants than what happened in last occasion. More Details..
31/14 Series of agitational programmes declared by UFBU – Industrial Relations in Banking Sector Strained – Unions condemn IBA’s direction to revisit the mandate and demand immediate finalization of wage settlement. More Details..
32/14 Good-bye 2014 More Details..
01/15 Hail the New Year 2015. More Details..
02/15 For circulation among members of the Governing Council, Secretaries of State Units and to all affiliates. More Details..
03/15 Dharna programme on 6th February, 2015 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi - Deferred More Details..
04/15 Andhra Pradesh-Telengana States Unit holds its 1st General Body on 18th January, 2015 at Hyderabad in the midst of participative involvement and grandeur – Union Labour Minister declares his good intention to stay by the side of Bank Retirees in their struggle for achievement of their just demands. More Details..
05/15 Bipartite talks on Wage Revision knock at the door. More Details..
06/15 Bihar State Unit of AIBPARC emerges in style – Well attended gathering at Patna On 31st January, 2015 witnesses formation of a regular State Committee. More Details..
07/15 Notice is hereby given that the first (1st) meeting of the Managing Committee (extended) will be held at Chennai on 26th March, 2015. Venue More Details..
08/15 We are extremely sorry to inform you that on 15th of February 2015, Com. V.M. Devi of Federation of Bank of India Officers’ Association, Gujrat, left all of us behind. More Details..
09/15 We have much pleasure to advise all concerned that the Wage Revision talks (commonly described as Bipartite Settlement) has got a final shape on 23rd February, 2015 at Mumbai More Details..
10/15 Formation of the State Committee of Assam. More Details..
11/15 Notice is hereby given that the 2nd meeting of the Managing Committee (extended) will be held at Chandigarh on 14th July, 2015. The venue, time and agenda are mentioned please show more detail.. More Details..
12/15 Outcome of the 1st Meeting of the Sub-group to discuss residual issues of charter of demands held on 16th March, 2015 at Mumbai. More Details..
13/15 (30/03/2015) 1st Meeting of the Managing Committee (extended) of AIBPARC for the year 2015 takes stock of the situation – decides to intensify follow up action and go for demonstrative programmes also - hectic organisational activities on 26th March at Chennai. More Details..
14/15 (01/04/2015) Our representation to Chief Executive Officer of IBA in respect of the demands of Pensioners & Retirees of the Banking Sector of India. More Details..
15/15 (06/04/2015) Our representation before the constituents of UFBU More Details..
16/15 (08/04/2015) In pursuance of the decisions taken in the meeting of the Managing Committee (extended) held in Chennai on 26th March, 2015, we have already written to CEO of IBA and also to the constituents of UFBU on various issues pertaining to the interest of the retirees and pensioners of the Banking Industry. More Details..
17/15 (10/04/2015) Submission of Memorandum addressed to Chairman, IBA to be submitted through CMD/MD & CEO of different banks by State Committees of AIBPARC. More Details..
18/15 (24/04/2015) Negotiation between UFBU and IBA on 16th April and 23rd April, 2015. More Details..
19/15 (27/04/2015) We are reproducing our circular No. 11/15 dated 02.03.2015 for your information. More Details..
20/15 (11/04/2015) Rallies and Demonstrations by different State Units are in full swing. More Details..
21/15 (15/05/2015) You are all aware of the fact that the 10th Bipartite Settlement is expected to be inked up within a period not exceeding 7 days. More Details..
22/15 (18/04/2015) Our Last Moment Request to various Constituents of UFBU to allow an audience to us. More Details..
23/15 (21/05/2015) Seeking your most urgent attention to bank pensioners’ and retiress issues


Seeking your most urgent indulgence to intervene for resolving decades’ old bank pensioners’ and retiress’ issues
More Details..
More Details..
24/15 (28/05/2015) Conclusion of 10th Bipartite Settlement without addressing the principal issues of the Retirees of the Banking Industry – Review of the present situation and formulation of future tasks are the needs of the hour. More Details..
25/15 (21/05/2015) AIBPARC demands immediate negotiation with IBA on matters relating to retirees More Details..
26/15 (11/06/2015) EC Meeting of AIBOC held at Hyderabad on 8th June, 2015. More Details..
27/15 (15/05/2015)

AIBOC lodges protest against some of IBA’s response to the demands of Retirees and urges upon holding of immediate dialogue on demands of Retiress

More Details..
28/15 (22/06/2015) For circulation among members of the Governing Council, State Secretaries and Special Invitees More Details..
29/15 (15/05/2015)

(i) Strike call in the entire state of Kerala in favour of the struggle of DBOO.

(ii) Letter of the organisation to Chairman, IBA drawing attention to Supreme Court Judgement on 01.07.2015 in the Civil Appeal No.1123 of 2015.

More Details..
30/15 (17/07/2015)

(Managing Committee (Extended) meets at Chandigarh on 14th July, 2015 to review the present situation and to apply its mind on proposed lines of action.

More Details..
31/15 (24/07/2015) You are all aware of the fact that the First General Body of our Confederation took place at Delhi in November, 2012 and on expiry of three years, it would be due in November, 2015. More Details..
32/15 (05/08/2015)

(i) All five apex level organisations of Pensioners and Retirees of the Banking Sector meet at Delhi on 28th July, 2015 on coordination.
(ii) State of Kerala throbs with hectic organisational activities launched by AIBPARC State Committee and Different affiliates.

More Details..
33/15 (07/08/2015) With deep anguish, we convey that Com. Kalyan Kumar Sengupta, President of AICBROF and Deputy General Secretary of AIBPARC passed away in Mumbai at 5-15 a.m. of today. More Details..
34/15 (05/08/2015)

(1) Minutes of the meeting of all 5 apex level organisations of Pensioners & Retirees of the Banking Sector held at Delhi on 28th July, 2015.
(2) AIBPARC gears up its organisational activities in different parts of the Country.

More Details..
35/15 (07/08/2015) We are reproducing hereunder the text of a letter written to Com. Harvinder Singh, General Secretary, AIBOC, which will speak for itself. More Details..
36/15 (21/08/2015)

(1) All India Strike by Central Trade Unions on 2nd September, 2015.

(2) Issues of Pensioners reminded by General Secretary of AIBOC to IBA.

More Details..
37/15 (26/08/2015) Notice is hereby given that the 2nd Triennial General Body Conference of All India Bank Pensioners & Retirees Confederation will be held in Kolkata on 15th & 16th November, 2015. More Details..
38/15 (31/08/2015)

It has already been notified by our earlier Circular No.31/15 dated July 22, 2015 that a meeting of General Secretaries of all Affiliates of our Confederation

More Details..
39/15 (04/09/2015) Notice is hereby given that the sole meeting of the Governing Council for the year 2015 will be held at Kolkata. Detailed particulars are given hereunder : More Details..
40/15 (07/09/2015)

i) Latest position of unity talks.
ii) All India Central Bank Retired Officers’ Federation holds its 1st General Body Conference at Nagpur.
iii) Government finally agrees to allow one pension for one rank in case of
Defence Employees.

More Details..
41/15 (14/09/2015) 1st Meeting of the Reception Committee to take place on 29th September, 2015 (Tuesday) at 3 p.m. in the office of the Bank of India Officers’ Association, (Eastern India Branches) – 23A, N.S. Road, Kolkata – 700001. More Details..
42/15 (14/09/2015)

1) 13th Annual General Meeting of Indian Bank Retirees Welfare Association, West Bengal
2) Meeting of General Secretaries of all affiliates to be held on 5th October, 2015 (circular already issued informing date, venue, time and agenda items)

More Details..
43/15 (23/09/2015) All – Union Meeting held at Delhi on 22nd September, 2015 More Details..
44/15 (30/09/2015)

Action programmes declared by Confederation of Bank pensioners & Retirees Organsiations

More Details..
45/15 (13/10/2015) Please refer to our earlier circular no. 44/15 dated 29th September, 2015 where agitational programmes in different phases have been announced by the Confederation. More Details..
46/15 (14/10/2015) A meeting of the members of Reception Committee as well as members of the West Bengal State Committee has been convened on the aforesaid date, time and venue to discuss the following subjects More Details..
47/15 (31/10/2015) Follow-up of implementation of action programmes declared by CBPRO and a few emergent tasks before holding of the 2nd General Body at Kolkata on 15th & 16th November, 2015. More Details..
48/15 (02/11/2015) You have already received copy of communication issued by Com. P.P.S. Murthy, Convener, CBPRO, giving details of agitational programmes for the months of October, November and December (for massive demonstration at New Delhi on Friday, 11th December, 2015). More Details..
49/15 (12/11/2015) Implementation of Action Programmes declared by CBPRO/AIBPARC in different States. More Details..
50/15 (21/11/2015) Kolkata throbs with hectic organizational activities for two days – meeting of Governing Council held in the morning of 15th November – audience overflows to the streets in the Inaugural Session – disciplined and participative General Body deliberates on the issues of retirees and decides plans of action – leadership gives a clarion call to march to Delhi on 11th December, 2015 if possible with members of the family. More Details..
51/15 (18/11/2015) Insurance Cover For Retirees More Details..
52/15 (30/11/2015)

(1) Organisation calls for “Let us March to Delhi”
(2) Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments passed by the 2nd General Body of AIBPARC
(3) Affiliates are to nominate members to the Governing Council.

More Details..
53/15 (01/12/2015) AIBOS supports the cause of Retiress. More Details..
54/15 (30/11/2015)

Our Demand of Payment of TA/DA to Charge-sheeted officers and Prosecution/Defence witnesses accepted

More Details..
55/15 (04/12/2015) Incessant rains from November beginning and specially over last 10-15 days have caused untold and unprecedented sufferings to the people of Tamil Nadu. The city of Chennai is marooned. More Details..
56/15 (08/12/2015)

Massive Demonstration at different State Capitals in support of Pensioners’ Demands at the call of CBPRO.

More Details..
57/15 (14/12/2015) Bank Pensioners and Retirees create history at Jantar Mantar on 11th December, 2015 – Several Thousand Bank Retirees participate in day-long Dharna and Demonstration at the heart of the Union Capital – leaders of serving organisations, retiree organisations and Central Trade Unions ask Government/IBA to concede the demands – if insensitivity continues, organisations pledge for more intensified actions. More Details..
58/15 (16/12/2015)

Interest free loan to pensioners in flood affected areas.

More Details..
59/15 (16/12/2015) Calendar of meetings of Managing Committee/Governing Council for the year 2016. More Details..
60/15 (23/12/2015)

Recent Organisational Activities.

More Details..
01/16 (01/01/2016)

It is quite natural that every new year brings us new hope and aspirations. 2016 cannot be an exception. The efforts made in the year gone by should bring results now.

More Details..
02/16 (01/01/2016)

Encashment of leave on compulsory retirement.

More Details..
03/16 (04/01/2016)

(i) Sending of names of EC Members by each affiliate,
(ii) Payment of subscription for the financial year April, 2016 to Mach, 2017,
(iii) Updation of information in the list of newly-elected office-bearers displayed in the website.

More Details..
04/16 (01/01/2016)

Notice is hereby given to all members of the Managing Committee (Extended) and also to the Special Invitees of AIBPARC that the 1st meeting of the Committee for the year 2016 will be held on 14th March, 2016 (Monday) at Hyderabad at the time and place mentioned hereunder to discuss the following agenda items

More Details..
05/16 (20/01/2016)

We are reproducing hereunder copy of a letter written to Com. Harvinder Singh, General Secretary, AIBOC, which is self explanatory.

More Details..
06/16 (08/02/2016)

Updation of information on various issues pertaining to the retirees.

More Details..
07/16 (12/02/2016)

We have pleasure to inform that the President, AIBPARC, submitted a Memorandum to the CEO, IBA, on the demands of the Retirees on 10th February, 2016.

More Details..
08/16 (12/02/2016)

Federation of Bank of India Pensioners & Retirees Associations (FOBOIPARA) holds 2nd Triennial General Body at Ranchi on 6th & 7th February, 2016 in the midst of grandeur and massive participation.

More Details..
09/16 (11/03/2016)

Follow up of issues contained in our memorandum submitted to CEO, IBA on 10.02.2016.

More Details..
10/16 (16/03/2016)

City of Hyderabad throbs with hectic organisational activities for 2 days – 13th & 14th March, 2016 on the occasion of holding the first meeting of the Managing Committee (extended)for the year 2016.

More Details..
11/16 (15/04/2016)

(i) 3rd Triennial Conference of SBBJ Retired Employees’ Association held on 21st February, 2016
(ii) State Committee of AIBPARC, Rajasthan, formed.
(iii) IBA in the midst of calculation of cost.
(iv) Clear Instruction of IBA to Chief Executives of all member banks to form Grievance Redressal Cell for Retirees.
(v) IBA responds to different letters of AIBPARC.

More Details..
12/16 (29/04/2016)

CBPRO holds meeting at Delhi on 27th April, 2016, discusses lines of action and declares organisational tasks, delegation meets Union Finance Minister and Union Labour Minister and hands over memorandum on demands of the Retirees of the Banking Sector.

More Details..
13/16 (11/05/2016)

Kindly refer to our Circular 59/15 dated 16th December, 2015 wherein it was notified that the 2nd meeting of the Managing Committee (Extended) would be held at Ahmedabad on 17.07.2016.

More Details..
14/16 (11/05/2016) Please note that Joint Convener of CBPRO sought for an appointment with Chairman IBA to discuss the issues affecting the Retirees of the Banking Sector. In reply to the said letter, Deputy Chief Executive of IBA sent a detailed reply which is being reproduced hereunder for information More Details..
15/16 (20/05/2016) Please refer to our earlier circular no. 13/16 dated May 11, 2016 on the above subject. The full address of the venue of the meeting is being given hereunder More Details..
16/16 (30/05/2016) Meeting of CBPRO with IBA on May 26, 2016. More Details..
17/16 (01/06/2016) Com. Sushil Kr. Ghosh is no more with us. He breathed his last on 30th May, morning at the age of 92. It is unfortunate that Com. Ghosh lost his wife a day earlier i.e. on 29th May, 2016. Com. Ghosh was the President of Federation of Bank of India Staff Unions for a long time. More Details..
18/16 (03/06/2016) We are reproducing hereunder circular no. 006/2016 dated 30.05.2016 issued by Joint Conveners of CBPRO which speaks for itself. More Details..
19/16 (01/07/2016) Holding of the 2nd Triennial Conference of Jharkhand State in the midst of enthusiasm. More Details..
20/16 (18/06/2016) Hectic Organisational activities initiated by All India Union Bank Pensioners & Retirees Federation (AIUBPARF) at Chenni on 14th July, 2016. More Details..
21/16 (20/07/2016) We reproduce hereunder the text of our letter No. AIBPARC/CBPRO/Courier/2016 dt. 20.07.2016 for your information and record. More Details..
22/16 (25/07/2016) Bank Strike on 29th July, 2016 at the call of United forum of Bank Unions – AIBPARC lends moral support and ensures participative involvement. More Details..
23/16 (12/08/2016) Historic March to Parliament on 9th August, 2016 as a part of “Save Public Sector Movement” – launched by AIBOC More Details..
24/16 (17/08/2016)

(1) Kerala State Committee of AIBPARC undertakes various programmes on Bank Nationalisation Day.

(2) Delhi State Committee of AIBPARC plays a pro-active role to make the 9th August, Programmes of AIBOC (March to Parliament) a grand success.

More Details..
25/16 (24/08/2016) Meweting at Chennai on 17th to 20th August, 2016. More Details..
26/16 (24/08/2016)

2nd meeting of Managing Committee (Extended) at Chennai on 20th August, 2016 :

More Details..
27/16 (29/08/2016) CBPRO meets Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha and Additional Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Govt. of India. More Details..
28/16 (05/09/2016)

Strike call given by AIBOC on 2nd September, 2016 deferred following negotiations with RLC(C) and IBA.

More Details..
29/16 (19/09/2016) Group Medical Scheme for retired employees/officers of the banking sector More Details..
30/16 (23/09/2016)

NOTICE is hereby given to all members of the Managing Committee and Governing Council, Special Invitees, State Secretaries and Advisors that the 3rd meeting of the Managing Committee and the sole yearly meeting of the Governing Council of AIBPARC for the year 2016 will be held at Kolkata on 28th November, 2016 (Monday) to discuss the following agenda items

More Details..
31/16 (22/09/2016) Pending Issues of Bank Pensioners and Pensioners and Retirees. More Details..
32/16 (17/10/2016)


More Details..
34/16 (26/10/2016)

Renewal of Mediclaim Insurance Cover for Retirees.

More Details..
35/16 (07/11/2016)



More Details..
36/16 (11/11/2016)

Submission of Memorandum before the Parliamentary Committee on Human Resources

More Details..
37/16 (16/11/2016)

Sub : (1) Demonetisation of Rs.1000/- and Rs.500/- notes.
(2) A few additional information on our earlier circular no. 36/16

More Details..
38/16 (02/12/2016)

(1) Rescheduling of the date of the meeting of Governing Council (which was scheduled to be held on 28th November,2016) on 19th January, 2017 at Kolkata.
(2) Representation of CBPRO before IBA on matters relating to retirees.

More Details..
39/16 (05/12/2016) Long pending issues of Bank Pensioners and Retirees. More Details..
40/16 (05/12/2016) Unfortunate death of elder citizens while standing for long hours before banks and demand to arrange immediately separate payment counters for elder citizens and ensure hassle-free payments. More Details..
41/16 (12/12/2016) Report of the General Secretary which was supposed to be submitted in the meeting of the Governing Council scheduled to be held at Kolkata on 28th November, 2016 More Details..
42/16 (14/12/2016) Our representation to CEO, IBA on issue of Bank Retirees. More Details..
43/16 (26/12/2016) Representation to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. More Details..
44/16 (28/12/2016) 100% DA neutralization to pre-November, 2002 Retirees. More Details..
45/16 (31/12/2016) The year 2016 departs in despair for the retirees of the bank, the New Year 2017 is hailed it with promises and optimism. More Details..
1/17 (04/01/2017) Organisational activities initiated by different affiliates and state committees
– AIPNBPRA, Burdwan Unit holds its triennial conference – Bank of India Pensioners & Retirees Association, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States Unit Holds its first state conference
More Details..
2/17 (16/01/2017) 100% DA neutralization to retirees of pre-1.11.2002. More Details..
3/17 (20/01/2017) AIBPARC calls for Demonstrative actions to ventilate the grievances and the anguish of the retirees of banking sector and to draw the attention of authorities concerned for immediate redressal of long pending demands. More Details..
4/17 (25/01/2017)

1)  Demonstrative actions declared by CBPRO in achieving the long pending demands of the Pensioners of the Banking Industry.
2)  Development of reconciliation meeting held between CLC and CBPRO on 24th January, 2017 at Mumbai.

More Details..
5/17 (27/01/2017)

Formation of UP State Unit of AIBPARC.

More Details..
6/17 (30/01/2017)

Report on Conciliation proceedings held at Mumbai on 24th January, 2017.

More Details..
7/17 (06/02/2017)

(1) Preparedness of different affiliates in the matter of Dharna cum Hunger Strike

By AIBPARC at New Delhi on 15 th March, 2017.

(2) Issue of 100% DA Neutralisation to pre-1.11.2002 retirees.

More Details..
9/17 (20/02/2017)

CBPRO Delegation meets Chief Executive of IBA on 15.02.2017
– Circular  of CBPRO No.03/17 dt. 17.02.2017
reproduced hereunder for information of members.

More Details..
10/17 (22/02/2017)


More Details..
11/17 (02/03/2017)

Dharna Programme at Jantar Mantar, Delhi, scheduled on 15.03.2017 deferred by CBPRO after making broad-based consultation with constituents of CBPRO and affiliates of AIBPARC.

More Details..
12/17 (02/03/2017)

AIBPARC, West Bengal State Committee holds its 2nd Triennial Conference at Kolkata on 1st March, 2017 in the midst of enthusiasm and massive participation.

More Details..
13/17 (08/03/2017)

Proceedings at RLC Office on 28th February, 2017.

More Details..
14/17 (10/03/2017)

Enhancement of Gratuity ceiling from Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs in the Banking sector.

More Details..
15/17 (13/03/2017)

Issue of 100% DA neutralization to pre-01.11.2002 retirees – CBPRO issues a rejoinder to the contention of IBA and sends a representation to ALC(C).

More Details..
16/17 (15/03/2017)

2nd State Conference of AIBPARC, Kerala – a thundering success.

More Details..
17/17 (24/03/2017)

Encashment of Privilege Leave to officers/award staff members retired compulsorily as a major penalty/punishment

More Details..